The faculty offers numerous study programmes leading to a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Master of Arts (M.A.) or Master of Education (M.Ed.).

Bachelor Degree Programmes

Most Bachelor degree programmes can only be studied within a combined degree programme consisting of two subjects, whereby the weightings can be arranged differently in many cases. In addition to a 50%-50% distribution, a 75%-25% weighting is often also possible. In addition, there are a few subjects that can be studied additionally or exclusively as 100% subjects. A special case is the 33% weighting within the framework of the teaching degree programme "Care".

Our departmental student adviser in the institutes are also pleased to advise on the choice of subject combination. Of course, combinations with subjects assigend to other faculties can also be chosen. In addition there is also a special tool on the university's website which helps you to find possible subject combinations.

Heidelberg University does not offer specialised Bachelor of Education programmes. Instead, the university offers polyvalent B.A. programmes, i.e. with a B.A. combination programme that includes two school-relevant subjects, both an M.A. and an M.Ed. programme can be started afterwards.

Master degree programmes

In the Master of Arts degree programmes (M.A.), in addition to 100% degree programmes, there are also some subjects that offer 75% weightings. In these cases, a second subject with a 25% weighting must be selected. The subject advisors will be happy to advise you here as well.

The Master of Education programme (M.Ed.), which is run jointly with the PH Heidelberg, prepares students for the teaching profession in Germany. The Heidelberg School of Education (HSE) will be happy to advise you.